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There are three critical factors to a proper repair. Training, equipment and a verifiable Quality Control Process. Look for the I-CAR Gold Class Certification to verify training. Ask for a shop tour; the overall cleanliness and the proper equipment says a lot about a shop. Ask for a copy of their Quality Control Checklist.

Most reputable auto body shops provide a written lifetime warranty on all workmanship. Pro-Team Collision goes a step further by offering a nationwide lifetime warranty in the event you should ever relocate.

For minor damage, such as replacing a bumper cover, a minimum of two days is required. This allows for proper curing time for any primers, fillers, and paint. Beyond that, it’s dependent upon the extent of damage, availability of parts, and approval of payment by the responsible party.

Yes, provided that your vehicle is an original factory color that is not faded or discolored. The following is a brief description of how paint matching works:

With advanced color matching techniques, Pro Team Collision uses BASF paint to make paint specially for your vehicle.Our team is able to match the factory finish, making the repairs invisible.

If your vehicle is not the exact shade specified by the factory, the first step is “tinting” the color. This is done by varying the amount of the toners used to make up the original formula. Sometimes, a perfect match can’t be achieved by tinting alone. In these cases, “blending” may be required. This is a process where portions of the vehicle adjacent to the repaired area are gradually misted with the tinted paint so that any minor color variance is unnoticeable. This can make the difference between a very good color match and an invisible repair.

Frame damage is a very common occurrence in an accident due to crush points that absorb impacts and keep you safe. The problem isn’t so much the damage but rather the techniques utilized for repair. At Pro-Team Collision we use computerized measuring systems that accurately identifies damage. This equipment is used in conjunction with “state of the art” pulling and anchoring equipment and manufacturer repair procedures. The end result is a vehicle returned to factory specs that will track straight and true.

Right away. It is always best practice to avoid car washes that touch your vehicle. Hand washing for the first 30 days is the safest method. The vehicle cannot be waxed though for 60 days, including clear vehicle films.

It is recommended to wait at least 90 days before waxing.
Remove if something isn’t fixed right.

Contact your auto body repair shop immediately! At Pro-Team Collision we realize that we are still human and we may make a mistake from time to time. We also know that latent undetected problems can develop after the repair work is done. Either way, we want to get it fixed as soon as possible!

Pro Team Collision is an approved repair facility for all insurance companies and works with all insurers. With advanced training and repair procedures, Pro Team exceeds insurance repair qualifications. Pro Team has been selected as the preferred repair facility for many insurance companies.

Our team of advanced trained technicians work on all makes and models from cosmetic to structural repairs. Our team has the equipment and training to repair today’s advanced vehicles.

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